Code Compliance

WarmFörm is code compliant with the International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Building Code (IBC) as well as the American Society of Civil Engineers design report for Frost Protected Shallow Foundations ASCE 32 which is incorporated by reference into both the IRC and IBC. However, in our experience code officials are generally unfamiliar with the provisions for Frost Protected Shallow Foundations described in the Code and some explanation of the system is frequently necessary.

In the IRC you can find the requirements for a WarmForm Frost Protected Shallow Foundation in section R403.3. The ASCE 32 is referenced in section R403.1.4.1 Frost protection. In the IBC The ASCE 32 is referenced in section 1809.5 Frost protection.

Our instruction manual includes a narrative guide through the IRC's section R403.3. The design methods in the ASCE 32 are similar.

It is your responsibility to design and construct your foundation in accordance with design methods outlined in the code, respecting all site and soil conditions and local regulations.